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Cinevee was built by content creators. We understand what you need.

Cinevee offers features and benefits no other digital engine can match. Supported by an in-house team of talented designers and developers, your branded digital storefronts will perform great and seamlessly integrate with your business operations.

Your Brand

Your logo, your look, your feel and your own domain for your content. No distractions.

Your Control

You control content, release dates, pricing, bundling, promotions, trailers — all in real-time!

Your Money

Cinevee's Real-Time-Royalty system is one of a kind! No other digital platform pays out immediately.

All Features

Promote your brands and products to your customers on your terms based on your art direction and style guide. Your customers will stay on your site, featuring your brand and your titles. They'll recognize your brand – not ours, nor any other!

With free and pro accounts, you can customize your sites with your colors, images, fonts, and logos. Use CV Enterprise and every aspect of your site can be customized.

CV Enterprise is a true white label product. Your content, your brand, your domain, your design, your integrations. We've built a modular engine that is easy to customize and integrate with your existing site, your third party marketing automation products, your merchant gateway and more.

Have more than one product line to promote?  Cinevee allows you to create a micro-site for each product line, all under the umbrella of your primary brand.  Use your home page to promote each product line and with one click, navigate to a product line's micro-site.  Each micro-site can be distinctive based on style choices and imagery unique to the product line. 

Micro-sites make it easy to develop sub-brands and cross promote. Micro-sites are available in the Pro and Enterprise versions of Cinevee. 

CV Enterprise sites are completely white label which means that virtually every aspect of the site can be customized — including your domain. Use Cinevee to deliver media from your established web address, or create a new one.

CV Free and CV Pro subscribers can select a unique name for their Cinevee sub-domains. For example, Thrive Enterprise, Inc.'s domain could be 

Cinevee websites and media players are responsive — they're built to adapt to virtually every popular viewing environment: smartphones, tablets and personal computers. Built on Cinevee, your site's interface will rearrange from one device to another for easy navigation, optimal quality and speed. All Cinevee sites are responsive.

It's important that your titles look fantastic.  Cinevee equips you to deliver high quality motion pictures to your customers by using state of the art encoding and delivery systems.   We make your job easy by accepting hundreds of codecs though we encourage you to comply with our recommended specifications so that your customers have the best possible viewing experience.

Too busy?  Beyond your capacity?  We know that masters of your media can be tough to keep tabs on - especially if you outsourced post, mastering, or replication.  Send us your hard drive(s), tape masters, whatever you do have, and we'll do the rest.

Create anticipation for, or limit availability to, your titles by setting start and end dates per title. Publish a title's trailers and metadata before it is released and accept pre-orders. This feature has been particularly valuable for limited time releases, online festivals, scheduled events, and special bundle pricing promotions. Start and end dates per title is a feature that is available with all versions of Cinevee.

Cinevee's unique playlist system allows you to offer timely promotions and/or simply add value by including bonus materials with each title that you deliver to your customers.

A Cinevee playlist is a sequence of media files that are played end to end. Every title offered on your site is delivered as a playlist that is fully customizable. Each title's playlist can be a single media file (primary content only), or a series of media files that include any or all of the following: primary content, pre-rolls, promotions, advertisements, post rolls, or bonus content.

Manage your Cinevee playlists per title or across your entire content library. Update them with timely promotions. Playlists are included with all versions of Cinevee.

For every title in your library you can define your search tags, product description and other metadata. With metadata in place, your titles are easy to find both from within the site and other search engines. Site search results are returned in order of relevance and make it easy for your customers to find what they're looking for. This metadata also contributes to your searchability on the web. Searchable metadata is a feature that is available in all versions of Cinevee.

Easily restrict access or even vary pricing by region. If you need to restrict access by region, Cinevee makes it easy. Set up geo-blocking by country on a title by title basis.

Charge what you want. Cinevee offers revenue models to suit every need. Offer pay-per-view rentals (PPV), site-wide subscriptions, product bundles, and discounts. Once your pricing is in place, go ahead and change it.

Flexible pricing is an available feature for all versions of Cinevee, however, you must subscribe to CV Enterprise if you wish to provide content for free. Cinevee does impose minimum pricing per title for the Free and Pro versions.

Rent your titles for as long or short a time period as you want. Cinevee gives you the power to set your own streaming durations per title. This feature is available for all versions of Cinevee.

Using a comprehensive security framework, Cinevee protects your data, your media, and your customers' data. High-level security framework is included with all versions of Cinevee.

Cinevee's Administrative Console is user friendly and intuitive.  The administrative console is where you'll add titles and upload media.  Once you've set your pricing, you're good to go!

Enhance your customers' experience and searchability by further populating your metadata.  Optional metadata information includes taglines, descriptions, search terms, playlists, rental duration, trailers, posters, images, advertising, content ratings , split payments, geo-blocking, and more.   Our online video tutorials will help guide you through all the steps.

Create and modify your content whenever you want and however you want. Set your pricing, change your pricing, update search tags, revise the synopsis - No problem. Make your changes using Cinevee's simple and intuitive admin interface and your site is updated immediately. Want to substitute a new poster? Change your tagline? Rewrite your descriptions? Just do it. Cinevee puts you in charge and eliminates waiting, red tape, or gatekeepers.

Cinevee guarantees that your site will be up and running. Our web servers are reliable and redundant. Your data and media files are protected and duplicated. And with 99.95% service level agreements we ensure 24/7 up time, 365 days a year. Except leap year, then it's 366 days.

Offer your customers special promotions and/or price breaks for purchasing content in bundles. Bundling is Cinevee's way of grouping your titles into seasons or series. Bundling allows your customers to purchase entire seasons or series and gain access to all the episodes in a bundle as a single purchase and for a single promotional price.

Though bundling was developed with seasons and series in mind, Cinevee allows you to bundle up any combination of titles you can conjure up. Use Cinevee's bundling feature creatively to optimize sales and revenue. Bundling is an available feature for all versions of Cinevee.

Reach the broadest possible audience by including multi-language subtitles. Upload as many different subtitles as you like.  Your customers can easily pick their subtitles from within media players when watching downloaded files or streaming from the web. Subtitles are available for every version of Cinevee.

Cinevee delivers your content in the best looking and fastest downloading formats for a world of screen sizes and playback devices. Cinevee supports virtually every computer and mobile device connected to the internet. Using cloud based delivery, multiple encodes and adaptive bit rates, Cinevee's media players adjust to available bandwidth and screen size to give your customers an optimal viewing experience no matter what their device.

With Cinevee, your customers can view titles from anywhere they're connected to the internet. Using CDN technology, Cinevee serves up media from cloud servers all over the world. And if the media has been downloaded, your customer can view it anywhere. Even the moon.

Behind the scenes videos, recipes, study guides, posters & flyers — include supplemental digital files or media with any of your titles. Bundle titles together, attach downloadable files, or stream additional media as part of a playlist. There's a lot of room for creativity in your deliveries and promotions. Most customers will pay more for titles that include bonus content. All versions of Cinevee allow you to bundle, create playlists and attach files to your titles.

Cinevee's data rates rank among the highest in the industry and better than most. Where bandwidth allows, we deliver high quality 1080p for both streaming and downloads. High quality delivery is a standard feature for all versions of Cinevee.

Customers can log in to your Cinevee site using Facebook or Google. After the first time, log in is a one-click proposition. This feature is available on all versions of Cinevee. With CV Enterprise, additional social networking platforms can be supported as well.

Cinevee's delivery system is cloud based to seamlessly and efficiently deliver your content. Our content delivery network (CDN) spans the world and ensures that customers on every continent benefit from fast access, quick load times and high quality moving pictures. Cloud based delivery is a standard feature for all versions of Cinevee.

Cinevee's turn-key system pays you immediately! With CV Free, CV Pro and even CV Enterprise, you see funds in your PayPal account the moment you make your first sale – and every time thereafter. And you can use your proceeds immediately. No waiting.

Back end royalty commitments? You and your payees will love this! Cinevee makes it easy to split your royalties among up to five different payees, per product, in real time. You assign percentages to payees and Cinevee distributes all of the payments within moments of every sale. For distributors who aggregate the work of multiple content owners, producers, trainers or authors, this is a huge advantage over every other distribution platform. You'll save time reporting and your payees will get their share(s) instantly. This unique and revolutionary feature is the first of its kind and is available in all versions of Cinevee.

Is your title 'Coming Soon'? Start selling now. Be sure to set up your automated transactional emails or campaigns to notify your customers when their purchases are available for screening. Pre-ordering is a feature that is available with all versions of Cinevee.

Checkout is simple and secure through the Cinevee turn-key system that integrates with Pay Pal. With CV Enterprise you can integrate with other third party gateways such as Braintree, Stripe, Dwolla, and more.

Cinevee allows you to offer pay-per-view (PPV) or subscription pricing for your customers. PPV pricing allows your customers to buy or rent single titles and/or bundles of titles in as few as two clicks. Customers who 'buy' using PPV will be able to download your titles or stream them while connected to the internet. Customers who 'rent' will be able to stream titles for a limited time (determined by you, per title) while connected to the internet.

Pay-per-view pricing is an available feature for all versions of Cinevee.

Cinevee allows you to offer subscription or pay-per-view (PPV) pricing for your customers. Subscription pricing allows your customers open-ended access to your entire library and sets you up for a continuing revenue stream. With subscription pricing, customers provide their payment information just once and their access continues so long as their automatic payments continue to process successfully. Customer participation and retention consistently increase when subscription pricing is introduced. Subscription pricing is available only with a CV Enterprise License and can be used in conjunction with pay-per-view.

Using Cinevee, you can cultivate relationships with your customers and communicate with them directly. In contrast to iTunes or Amazon, you'll know who your customers are, where they're from, and how to reach them. Use branded transactional emails to automatically reach out. Put together branded email campaigns to announce new releases or promotions to nurture repeat business and develop brand loyalty. You'll have access to your customer data no matter which version of Cinevee you choose.

Include a trailer or preview with every title to give your customers a glimpse of your content. Don't have a preview file to upload? Cinevee will help you create one! With a couple of clicks you can select an excerpt from your primary title to serve as its preview. We make it easy for you to include trailers or preview files with every title in every version of Cinevee.

Encourage more sales by promoting other titles before, during or after your feature presentation. With Cinevee's unique playlist system you can add Pre-roll and/or post-roll media to any title's playlist. You can control and update the playlist per title and/or update the playlist globally affecting every product in your library. This allows you to consistently promote what you want when you want. You have total control. Pre-roll and Post-roll are available in all versions of Cinevee.

Cinevee easily integrates with your marketing automation tools (Like Act-On or Hub-Spot) or email campaign management software (like Mailchimp or Constant Contact). Cinevee works with these tools to personalize engagement with your customers. This can't happen with Amazon or iTunes.

Extend your marketing reach by embedding your trailers all over the web. Invite bloggers to review your titles and include trailers with their posts. Post trailers on your Facebook page or other sites. Your embedded trailers will always be linked to your site and allow your customers to purchase and view titles in as few as a couple of keystrokes. Embeddable trailers is a feature common to all versions of Cinevee.

Generate discount codes and use them to promote your content. Discounts can be offered up as perpetually available or for a 'limited time' or 'limited units'. You even get to name your discount codes. Discount codes are an available feature for all versions of Cinevee.

Automatically send a 'Congratulations' email to confirm a customer's purchase, prompt them to follow through with an incomplete purchase, nudge them to rate a title that they've watched — these automatic email communications are transaction based – your customers' activities prompt Cinevee to send them. For you, it's a reason to reach out and interact – to reinforce your brand and messaging as well as promote more activity. Cinevee's transactional emails are fully customizable from crafting copy to placing ads to styling the look and feel. This feature is present in all versions of Cinevee.

Build a relationship and nurture brand loyalty every time you reach out to your customers.  Whether sending a marketing campaign or simply relying upon automatic transactional emails, your brand should be prominent.

Whether relying on Cinevee or using third party marketing automation services, your transactional and campaign e-mails can be easily styled with your brand. All Cinevee generated emails can be customized and branded.

Strategic use of metadata will pique your customers' interest and help drive sales.   Metadata is the information you fill out when you set up your title.  This should include your title's tagline, product description, synopsis, producers, cast, crew, awards, links to social media sites, etc.  Your metadata should also include key search words that will make your titles easy to find using a site search or using search engines such as Google and Bing.

Cinevee's built-in metadata feature is robust and part of every version.  We make it easy to optimize your online visibility.

See who's online and how they're engaging. Know what titles are trending, and which ones need a boost to draw traffic. Up to the minute information enables you to make standard practice of tailored transactional emails, targeted promotional campaigns and segmented marketing. Real-time Analytics is an available feature for all versions of Cinevee.

Sales information is available up to the second, all the time. View your sales data from any device. Download your data for further analysis.

Real Time Sales Data is an available feature for all versions of Cinevee.

Want more data? Cinevee will build custom reports to your specifications.

Customized interfaces and reports are available for CV Enterprise subscribers.

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